Age Groups

Children are divided into age groups for competition.  Children aged three and four can participate in athletics as Tiny Tots.  On their 5th birthday they join the On Track Under 6 program (they still remain Tiny Tots for the season however). From Under 6 they join the On Track program, from Under 7 they will have a modified program that incorporates both On Track and our Little Athletics events, from Under 8 they become Little Athletes and compete in age groups up to Under 17.  Age groups are determined by age of the athlete on September 30.  An athlete turning 7 on October 1 would be in under 7’s for the season starting  October 1, whereas an athlete turning 7 on September 30 would be an under 8.

Age Group Calculator

Tiny Tots and U6’s – Age Group Rules

There has been some confusion at our Centre as well as other Centres as to when Tiny Tots can go into Under 6’s.  South Australian Little Athletics (SALA) have advised us of the following:

  • Under the rules of the Association Tiny Tots who turn 5 do not “become” Under 6’s.
  • Where possible, centres should conduct separate activities for these older Tiny Tots, incorporating more On Track skills that these children will experience as Under 6’s the following year.
  • If this is not possible, the 5 year olds may participate with the Under 6 group at Centre competitions, however they are still Tiny Tots and not under 6 athletes.
  • Parents are reminded that these athletes will remain in the Under 6 age group for the whole of the next season (2014-2015).
Here at Woodville we do not conduct separate activities for the older Tiny Tots so that means:
  • The parent / guardian of a Tiny Tot can allow their child to participate with the Under 6 athletes when they turn 5.
  • They will still have a Tiny Tot badge on their Shirt. Not Under 6.
  • They are ineligible to win the most improved athlete award for the Under 6 age group as they are still a Tiny Tot.
  • These rules apply at our Centre only. If they compete at Regional Day or at Personal Best Day at Santos they will compete as Tiny Tots.