Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is the aim in all sports. A thorough warmup with jogging and stretching is essential to achieve this. A warmup should be performed prior to starting to compete. Stretching should be continued between events, especially if there is a time gap.

Sports Medicine Guidelines on Injuries

The common injuries in Little Athletics are muscle strain injuries and strain injuries where tendons join bone. The first aid treatment of these injuries involves: Rest Ice Compression with a firm bandage Elevation R Rest is continued until the acute pain has settled. Ice is applied for 10 to 15 minutes each two to three hours until the swelling has settled. Compression is applied with a firm bandage until swelling has been controlled. Rehabilitation should aim to return the injured athlete to a condition where their risk of re-injury has been absolutely minimised. It is based on accurate diagnosis, early mobilisation, stretching and strengthening exercises. Technique correction is often required as well to prevent re-injury. Any athlete who experiences pain repeatedly in the same area requires careful assessment.