awards-largerAthletes must be registered to qualify for the awards. Points start to accumulate from the day the athlete registers (excluding come & try days).

Points are awarded on the basis of participation and personal improvement. If the athlete equals a previous personal best in an event 1 point is awarded. If the performance betters an earlier personal best then 2 points are awarded. The athlete is also awarded one point for every home meeting and two points for every away meeting they ‘attend’. An athlete is deemed to have attended a meeting only if they have competed in 3 events out of a 4 event programme and 4 events out of a 5 or 6 event programme. At the beginning of each season, the personal best is set for the season the first time that event has a result recorded.  Essentially, each year is a clean slate.

Athletes are encouraged to participate in all events. Athletes who do not attend on a weekly basis disadvantage themselves by missing out on attendance points, as well as on the opportunity to improve their personal bests. Athletes who attend regularly and compete increase their chances in awards.

The various awards will also carry specific criteria for eligibility. These criteria are discussed under each award.

PLEASE NOTE that under the scoring system a foul recorded in field or track is treated as a no result. An initial result is necessary before any subsequent result is counted as an improvement, and fouls cannot count for the purpose of recording an initial result.

Achievement Awards

By regular participation and striving for personal improvement all athletes can attain an achievement award. An award will be presented to every athlete who reaches specified levels of points.

Most Improved Award

This is presented at the end of the season to the boy and girl in each age group who has received the most award points for the season. The idea behind the award, as with all centre awards, is to encourage children to place emphasis on participation and self improvement.
To be eligible an athlete must have attended (i) 50% of programmed meetings prior to Christmas and after their registration date and (ii) 50% of programmed meetings after Christmas.

At the end of the season, the child with greatest number of points, in his/her age group, is therefore the MOST IMPROVED athlete in that age group. More than one athlete may win this award if they are on equal points. There is no tie-break.

100, 150 and 200 Club

Athletes become eligible for membership of these clubs by participating in the requisite number of official Woodville meetings. These are centre meetings at home, official visits to other centres, regional meets, and other meets where the whole centre is involved.
Achievement Certificates

All athletes receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the season irrespective of the number of meetings attended. The certificate shows the athlete’s best performances for each event that they contested throughout the season.

Participation Medals

Athletes who complete 50% of scheduled meetings after registration will receive a participation medal. This means that athletes need to make a commitment to participate regularly in order to qualify for this award.

City of Charles Sturt Perpetual Trophy

This is the club’s award to the most outstanding athlete of the season and is open to all athletes. The criteria for this award are as set out by the Charles Sturt Council. In general terms the award takes into account the quality of an athlete’s performances in all Little Athletics competition over the season including the state championships, any records set at centre, state and national level, and behaviour in promoting/representing the Centre. Athletes are assessed in accordance with these criteria by a Centre sub-committee and the most outstanding is awarded the trophy.

Peter Stefanoff Perpetual Trophy

This award is presented to the most outstanding thrower of the season. The award takes into account the athlete’s performances in throwing events throughout the season. To be eligible an athlete must compete in at least one throwing event at the State Individual Championships. Athletes are assessed by a Centre sub-committee using similar criteria to that outlined for the Charles Sturt Perpetual Trophy