Club Records



New centre records are now looked at with greater scrutiny and may not necessarily be ratified without further investigation.
Any possible centre records are checked carefully to ensure that errors have not been made in recording or measuring and the following procedure is used in determining whether a new centre record will be ratified:

1. If previous results from the athlete show that there has been a big jump in performance – this could indicate an error in recording or measuring – the athlete’s future performances will be monitored and if they are consistent with the record breaking performance the record will be acknowledged.

2. If no graded officials are present on the event then ratification may be held back to compare it with some future performance with graded officials present.

3. Generally no walk records will be ratified if no graded officials are present for the event. This will apply in particular to the lower age groups where poor walking technique is common and athletes are prone to run rather than walk.

Centre record performances achieved at State Association events, for example the State Individual Championships, will be recognised immediately as these events are run with graded officials on every event.

NB:  * Denotes state record held by Woodville Athlete